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Motorcycle lessons update - looking at motorcycles

Lesson nr 7 by now! :D
It was 30 degrees Celsius and if you're just doing some tricks on a parking lot it's hoooot!
Luckily we did the "fast" tricks: quick slalom, emergency stop, stop test. We only did one slow exercise, turning while only using brake and gas, and angling the bike!
We didn't go the usual parking lot this time but just on the industrial terrain were the driving school is. Meaning, we drove around a bit and some very nice curves. My instructor and the other student starting doing a slalom on the road. With 50km I didn't really go all the way and my instructor had a feeling that it would take me a while to get the bike from left to right all the way!
However, with the traffic cones in place and still at a low speed (second gear, 25km instead of the obliged 30km in third gear) but I did a great job! Both the brake test went well to except for an occasional screw up! Even with the slow turn with the brake/gas I did okay. My technique is okay, I drive at a steady speed but I need to angle the bike more! And that's really all about having the guts to do so! I hope I will do even better next time which will be Monday!

Oh and if you wondering, 30 degrees is totally fine if you are driving around with more than 30km, but if you're doing heavy stuff on a parking lot, it's hooooooot! ;]

My dad and I have looked at several bikes that will suit me. We found one about a two hours drive away, it wasn't that good. The chain tension was a bit off so you could hear the chain. We also, by luck, found one that's about 10 minutes away! That one is okay, the engine leaks oil and the springs too. Luckily the guy we was selling the bike has enough mechanical knowledge and he likes to mess with the engines and stuff too! He's going to see if he can fix it and how much it will cost. If it works out, it's a deal! If not, we're going to look for others again! Maybe even another type that doesn't need to be tweaked to 25kW. (If you're younger than 21 you may only drive on a bike with 25kW. After two years, you're free to go. However, next year the rule will change to a 18kW bike and you need to redo exams if you want to have more kW! So that's why I really want to get it this year!)