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Motorcycle lessons nr 3 to 6

Soooo! We're back with a new post about my motorcycle progress!!

Lesson nr 4!
Lesson nr.4 was the first lesson I had to drive to the parking lot myself. Exciting! It went quite well (if I may say so myself) and it's also very convenient if you already have your car license. I had to do several exercises on the motorcycle. The slow slalom, the quick slalom, stop test, emergency stop, an eight and ride at walking pace.

Quick slalom
The quick slalom is really about "throwing" your motorcycle to left and right at 30km and in third gear. I wasn't scared and made quite big moves on the bike with the quick slalom but I had to make it even bigger according to my instructor.

Slow slalom
After that it was time for the slow slalom. This is done by using the clutch halfway (tracting?) (sorry, I don't know how to describe it in English) and by using gas and rear brake. The pace is walking speed. I went a little tooo slow and I fell down to the right. And now my right leg has a tiny bruise not even the size of a finger nail and my left leg has 3 big bruises (all the colours of the rainbow) and a scratch. Weird! But I must say I am not hurt or injured or whatsoever, I've gotten a bit scared to be honest.
And I have no problem when I am driving to the parking lot but as soon as I am close to stopping or have to start driving I feel a little insecure and I secretly wish I don't fall! When I had to do the quick slalom today it took me quite some time before I made the good moves again.

The 8
I tried the "8" as well. You have to basically hang next to your bike and make a very tight turn one after the other. My instructor did it with one hand and then I had to do it. I failed big time. The instructor came running next to my motorcycle and pushed it to the right position, and trust me, that was scary!
With the stop test you have to go 50km in third gear and brake after reaching the point A and stop at point B. When I finally went 50 and did so until point A I couldn't stop on time... Arg, frustration!
Today I had the emergency stop and it works pretty much the same only there is not point B. After a few attempts I finally managed to press on the brakes as if there was no tomorrow. When I finally did it right I had one more try and that one could have been better as well.
I just hope the next time (next week on Saturday) I will have no fear and that I can throw the bike all the way with the slalom!

On the highway to....
Oh and before I forget, we took a detour on the highway with 80km. If you've never done that before on a bike and the bike has no windscreen it feels like you're going really fast and you really have to hold tight because of the wind on your chest!


  1. Eeeeeee! Wel
    even schrikken dat je
    gevallen ben! Gelukkig
    niks gebroken c:

    So funny to hear you
    can do the '8' :D


  2. Gelukkig!

    Oh, I meant it like I tried to do the eight! I cannot do it yet,
    but I hope I'll be able to do it soon!