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Second motorcycle lesson!

Well, first off. It was dry! :D Yay! No heavy rain like lesson nr 1.I was a little early because I drove to the driving school myself and didn't know how traffic was like and I cannot drive with my motor boots on (really, you shouldn't do either!).
It was warm though haha :]  Especially if you have to park your bike while walking next to it. If you try to keep a bike of 180kg upright that's hard work, luckily the second time I did it right at it was not so heavy anymore!
I did a stop test, and a slalom. The slalom started first with 4 meters apart between the pins, then the official 3 as is required for the exam! I did pretty well! :] According to the instructor I drive "controlled" and "calm", which I think you should do especially on a bike! Next time I am going to do an 8 turn and small turns! Can't wait! :D Wednesday will be my next lesson and then Friday nr 4! You need an average of 12 lessons for the AVB (Algemene Voertuig Beheersing or General Vehicle Control) and around 6/8 lessons for the AVD (Algemene Verkeers Deelneming or General Traffic Participation). Let's hope I'll do good and pass my theory (yeah, you have to do it again, even if you already have your drivers license) in one time!

Anything bad about my second lesson? My instructor was a fill in from Den Helder, wearing just his trainers, jeans and a very thin jacket. And he scared the shit out of me by driving and acceleration very fast. He kept on playing with the damn throttle as well (in the Netherlands you can get a fine because of that!). I asked him to calm it down on the way. Luckily he did!
According to the guy at the desk he didn't came prepared at all and therefore was not dressed. Which I might say is bullshit. He knew he was going to drive bikes and if he didn't know he could have picked up a jacket at the desk. I think an instructor should always give the right example. My first instructor had boots, pants, jacket, helmet, scarf thingie and gloves. He gave me an in-ear set so he could give instructions and I had to wear a jacket from the driving school. This instructor didn't had or didn't do any of that! I fact, I just figured most of it by myself... >_>  Luckily next lesson (Wednesday) I have the first instructor again! I'll keep you posted!

And the bike from the image is actually the type of bike I'd like to own. It's a Honda CB 650 SC Nighthawk. They are pretty old but very reliable bikes and well I kinda like those old fashioned ones! This bike is around 200kg and it's probably a good size for me as it's low and not big. In fact, if you look at it upfront it's really small! But I couldn't find a good picture of that!


  1. that's sick that you're learning to ride a motorcycle ! sorry to hear about the unprepared instructor, all the best for the next lessons