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How to make chocolate truffles!

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Very easy to make and jummy chocolate truffles! You need just 3 ingredients and a bit of patience! Read on for instructions!

- 300 grams of extra bitter chocolate (or just dark chocolate if you don't like it that bitter)
- 7 dining spoons of whipped cream
- 60 grams of cacao powder

You'll need
- Patience!!!
- 1 steel pan
- 1 super tiny pan which you can place in the steel pan
- Something to smash the chocolate with
Time needed
Preperation takes 15 minutes, waiting takes 60 minutes (Though I suggest to wait 90 minutes!)

Smash the chocolate in tiny pieces and place it in the tiny pan. (Anyone need anger management?) Boil water in the steel pan, if it's boiling take it of the fire. Place the tiny pan in the steel pan and stir gently until the chocolate has melted. Add the whipped cream. Let it cool down and stir every now and then. Don't let the mixture become solid! Mix it until it gets a lighter colour. (In my case that never happened no matter how much whipped cream I added, so don't worry if it doesn't happen.) Cover it and place it in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

One hour later you place the cacao powder on a plate, spread evenly. Make little balls out of the chocolate mix with your hands and place them on the plate. Roll them around. Let them clot in the refrigerator, serve and room temperature. Enjoy!

Hint: If you don't like the cacao powder you can also use fine scraped extra dark chocolate instead. You'll need 100 grams for that.

And you're done! Bon app├ętit!

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. A professional chocolate demonstration on how to make a selection of delicious chocolates. Taste, shape, dip and decorate

  2. Mmm ..I think I need to make some of these!!
    I want chocolate right now ;___;

  3. I agree with Melody,
    I'm craving for some!
    Ik dacht echt dat je
    truffels moet gebruiken


  4. Dat je truffels zelf al als basis moest gebruiken? Bedoel je dat?

  5. Well this is not suitable if you want it right now.. It takes a few hours to be finished XD

  6. it looks so tasty! i hope u have a great time in the uk :)

  7. Well, I don't like them but my mother liked them! :]

    I had a great time int he UK! :D I have lot's of photo's so stay tuned! :D