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How To Add Straps On Your Pumps!

How To Add Straps On Your Pumps, How To Add Straps to Your Pumps!

 Do you have a shoe which you constantly slip out of? Do you really need a strap but can't find the strappy pump you are looking for? I have a solution for you! 

There are several options to do so! Of course you can take a shoelace or a ribbon and do it yourself! I also found straps at the heelstrapshop which come in several variations, but they are more made for slippers or mules!  On the picture below you see the transparent one, which goes around the ankle and around the shoe as well.

Another option is ofcourse to take it to the cobbler! This is a risk, because you don't know how it will look and if you got pumps like me who are seamlessly stitched you will get the straps outside or inside.
I went to four cobblers to show me what they could do for me! Want to know and see more of the results? Click below!
In the end, cobbler nr 4 had shiny ones in stock so he cold show me. I asked if they had any non-shiny ones and he would order them for me. He didn't had suede ones though, but these were okay. Once he had them I had to come by and try them on so he could position the straps. The straps were a not dark on the sides so I asked him if he could darken that, this was no problem. This was on Friday afternoon and he said I could pick them them up next week. And on Thursday I got a call they were ready.

addings straps to your shoes
adding straps to your pumps
As you can see this is done very neatly and I am really pleased!
If you do this, make sure you got a good cobbler! That the straps are to your liking (if I had suede straps I would be 200% pleased, now I am 100% pleased so it's still fine!)
My heels have black stitching on the bows and the sole and heels are black as well, so black straps were fine. If you have fully red pumps you must be lucky to find the right colour!

I paid €35,- for the shoes (working at a shoe store has it advantages!) and €24,50 for the straps! Total of €59,50,-. Not bad!

Hope this helps! If you got any questions about this drop a comment below!


  1. Love your pumps! they're not too steep either :) I love how they're red too. i think red is super classy and can go with jeans and black tights so well 

  2. They are 8cm!  I really love how they are a dark red! I think I will wear these with black tights and fancy skirts or dresses :]

  3. Oh I never knew that you could add straps to your shoes at the cobblers, though I need to go there soon as I need new heels for my boots, thanks for sharing the information! I have those clear shoes in the clear strap example photo. But I have no idea how to wear such shoes haha.

  4. No problem!
    Mind though you get a very good cobbler as this can go wrong!

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  5. they really don't look that high :O can't wait to see your outfit with this!

  6. I'll probably were them to dinner tomorrow :] Almost the entire team at work is going! :3